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Panamanian Citizenship

The following can apply for Panamanian citizenship by naturalization:

1. Foreigners with five (5) consecutive years of residence in Panama, counted from the resolution that granted them permanent residence.

2. Foreigners with three (3) consecutive years of residence in Panama, counted from the resolution that granted them permanent residence, who have children born in the territory of the Republic of a Panamanian father or mother.

3.Foreigners with three (3) consecutive years of residence in Panama, counted from the resolution granting permanent residence that their spouse is of Panamanian nationality.

4. By reciprocity with any Latin American country or Spain.
Any foreigner who appears to carry out a procedure in the National Immigration Service, must be previously registered in the Migratory Movement Section.

The entire process from citizenship application to approval can take from 2 to 5 years.



1. Power of Attorney for Lima y Asociados.

2. Criminal Record’s Certificate, issued by the Panamanian Authorities.

3. Criminal record’s certificate from the country of origin. In those countries where this document is not issued, the interested party must provide a certification from a diplomatic or consular agent from their country of origin accredited in the Republic of Panama, stating the non-existence of said certificate and a sworn statement before a notary public. , stating that you do not have a criminal record.

4. Affidavit of motives or reasons for the request.

5. Authenticated copies of the personal identity card issued by the Electoral Court.

6. Marriage or birth certificate of Panamanian children, if applicable.

7. Prove of economic solvency, which can be accredited by presenting one or any of the following options:

a. Copy of the income tax with a certificate of good standing;  it must meet the minimum income of one thousand dollars (USD 1,000.00) per month.

b. Updated work letter with its respective check book or file from the Social Security Fund and a copy of the work permit;

c. Bank reference letter, not less than, four average figures.

8. Rent’s certificate of good standing.

9. Authenticated copy of the passport, by the consul or embassy of the corresponding country. In cases where foreigners do not have representation from their country in Panama, that of a friendly nation will do so. Two additional simple copies containing the petitioner's data.

10. Health certificate issued by a suitable professional (preferably in Panama).

11. Certification of immigration status from the National Migration Service.

12. Seven (7) passport photos in formal dress.

13. The photocopy of the reciprocity act, authenticated before the Consulate of your country in Panama or by a friendly nation and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



a) All documents that are issued abroad must be duly apostilled or authenticated by the Embassy or Consulate of Panama in the country that issued them and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama.

B All documents issued abroad in a language other than Spanish must be translated by an Official Public Translator recognized by the Panamanian authorities. The translation made abroad is NOT valid.

c) Before presenting and obtaining the documents, it must be verified that the applicant's name, identification number and parents' names are correctly registered. The name of the applicant must be the same in his passport and foreign identity card.

d)All documents must be issued as it appears on the Panamanian personal identity card (Cédula E).

e) Once all the documents have been delivered, the Immigration Service will set the date for the applicant's personal interview.

F)  If you have studied in the Republic of Panama, you can contribute the original credits of the study center which will be evaluated by the Electoral Tribunal of Panama.



 Lima y Asociados can assist you with all the services surrounding the application for a Permanent Residence permit that includes but is not limited to:

-         Assistance in opening a bank account

-         Translation services

-         Transportation services

-         Notary visits

-         Document certification


Our paralegals will find the most convenient time for you to visit the Immigration Office, so that your process takes the shortest possible time.



This service has a fixed cost per package.

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